2021 Ocean Pictures Awards Found Their Winners: Vital Success from a Turkish Photographer

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Many human actions, performed irresponsibly and selfishly, are endangering the lives of alternative creatures, causing a few of them to vanish utterly from the earth. we can show many actions comparable to international warming or uncontrolled looking because the cause of this case. after all, after we classify these creatures in line with their habitats, we will be able to succeed in more evident purposes.

2021 Ocean Photos also displays what roughly problems the animals living in these spaces are suffering from. in fact, now not all pictures are the issue. some of the pictures display how shocking ocean life can be while there are no problems. here are the recipients of the 2021 Ocean Photography Awards:

Great success from the Turkish name:


The photograph of the moray who misplaced her life through protecting onto a fishing line and fishing line above was taken by way of Underwater photographer Kerim Sabuncuoğlu. Stating that human task can cause such unhealthy scenes even with out realizing it, the photographer aimed to lift consciousness by means of sharing the photograph of this eel, that is on the best of the meals chain of the habitat it’s in, via suffocating. This photograph received him the primary prize within the conservation category of the competition.

Winners of categories:

Discovery class

Cave sediments

Long shadows of cave sediments – Martin Broen

Journey class

Sperm whale

Sargassum algae and the sperm whale – James Ferrera

Collective portfolio category

Box jellyfish

a tender ulua using box jellyfish as a shelter – Galice Hoarau

Younger photographer category

Green sea turtle

A green sea turtle carefully crawls towards the hungry fowl-crammed surface – Hannah Le Leu

‘Female Fifty Fathoms’

Blacktip reef shark

Blacktip reef shark’s back fin aligned with the sun – Renee Capozzola

Ocean photographer of the year


A green turtle surrounded via glass fish – Aimee Jan

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