89 Type TOFAŞ Sparrow Reworked into a Totally Independent Car For Less Than 15 Thousand TL

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Turkey’s aerospace and technology TEKNOFEST’s “Robotaxy-Passenger Self Sustaining Vehicle Festival” has started as of as of late. Teams growing autonomous cars from more than a few parts of the country are supplying the vehicles they have got advanced in Bilişim Valley. On This context, certainly one of the groups taking part within the competition was a workforce named “Karaelmas” from Bülent Ecevit School.

The Karaelmas team, led by means of Berat Cansız, succeeded in making the 1989 fashion Serçe totally independent for a reasonable cost of 15 thousand TL. If the group, which has participated in the festival earlier than, effectively completes the tracks so they can be offered to them with the Serçe, which it has made utterly self sustaining, and will be the primary, it’s going to receive a prize of 75 thousand TL.

Right Here it’s to transform fully self sustaining. Fetch Sparrow


Berat Cansız, made the next statements in regards to the autonomously working Sparrow:

Our crew has been collaborating within the pageant for 3 years. For the closing 2 years, we have reached the finals in the Robotaksi festival. We came third in Turkey last yr. This year, we aim to get a rank within the most sensible THREE once more. We built our automotive the use of a scrap Sparrow body. we’ve seen a modified 1989 Sparrow on the web sooner than. We asked ourselves, ‘Why should not we participate in this manner too?’ That Is how we made up our minds to participate in the festival with this car. for the reason that title of the contest is Robotaxy, we thought the design would are compatible smartly with this idea. After that, the method of finding the vehicle from the junkyard and bringing it to this stage began. After an even research, we bought this car in military blue colour from the junkyard for THREE,000 TL . Then we made some enhancements within the industry. We painted the vehicle yellow to make it suitable for Robotaksi. After that, we installed the electronic machine on our car. we now have an electronic board of our personal layout. We did it in a completely original method. Later, our programmer buddies carried out some exams and research on the instrument. They loaded their very own tool into the car. This too came about in a completely unique approach.


All changes made to the vehicle, aside from the scrapping, were our original paintings. The very sure reactions right here have also been superb for us. We spent months in the trade seeking to adapt the vehicle to the competition idea. First, we separated the guidance wheel of the car. Then we dismantled the engine and transmission in the vehicle. as it was once going to be an electric venture. Seeing That we can now not be using the interior combustion engine at the car, we did not want it so as to add weight. We completely disassembled all systems. We hooked up an electrical motor to the in a position steering field on the car. We created an electronic rotation mechanism via measuring this at sure ranges. We then welded electric hub motors in there by way of gouging out our rear 13-inch wheels. This took THREE weeks for turning, welding and testing. As a team, we’ve ensured that a 1989 classic vehicle can force autonomously and driverless in 2021.

Autonomous sparrow

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