A Brown Endure Fights With Dogs In Kars Town To Seek Out Meals

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In residential spaces with reference to rural spaces, quite a lot of animals will also be found in villages or towns once they can not find meals. Even Supposing there tend to be wolves, jackals or foxes among these animals, a brown bear in Kars/Sarıkamış was additionally photographed coming to town center at the same time as looking for food.

Brown bears, which might be the only migratory endure breed within the global, are discussed within the literature. In Sarıkamış, particularly in wet weather, they come to the district center and look for meals. A brown bear, who got here to İnönü Community near the forest space and tried to search out food from throughout the garbage box, encountered dogs next to the garbage container within the comparable means, hoping to find food.

The brown bear knocked over the container for meals. searched

brown bear

Despite The Fact That the canines who sought after the undergo to stick clear of the rubbish resisted the bear, the endure, who didn’t care about the canine, dropped the garbage box with its ft and entered the container and commenced to look for food.

this is where the undergo and the dogs live around the rubbish box. interesting bread struggle used to be tried to be watched by some voters with their cellphones.

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