A Complete of 9999 NFTs: Well-Known Cartoonist Selçuk Erdem Prepares to Free Up His NFT Assortment

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NFTs appear to endure the same destiny after cryptocurrencies have skyrocketed and some states are now trying to prevent it, at the same time as others are unusually assimilated.

Because, in addition to the interest proven in this sector abroad, the NFT sector, which many Turkish names reminiscent of Refik Anadol and Cem Yılmaz have shown to strengthen its construction, is the end result of an implausible selection of activities. is the scene of gross sales. Currently, Selçuk Erdem, recognized to the majority in our usa by means of the Penguen mag, is also making ready to make its first sale in the NFT marketplace.

the gathering inclusive of 9999 NFTs:

Fluffy Polar Bears

Celebrity cartoonist Selçuk Erdem’s NFT assortment will consist of a total of 9999 NFTs, 99 of that have been hand-drawn by the cartoonist. It could also be said that the gathering has greater than 250 thousand possible combinations.

The content material of the gathering is predicated on polar bears. the gathering called Fluffy Polar Bears (Fluffy Polar Bears) might be to be had for pre-sale on 25 October at SIXTEEN:00 . Following the pre-sales at the Fluffy Polar Bears web page, the major sale will start at 22:00.

Cem Yılmaz and Refik Anadol’s NFT collections :

Cem Yılmaz and Refik Anadol

Recently, we shared with you that the famous comedian Cem Yılmaz also entered the sector of NFT and made his first gross sales. in this context, NFT works provided the well-known comedian with a complete income of ONE HUNDRED NINETY thousand TL.

The Machine Hallucination of Refik Anadol, who we know for his works that supply a visual ceremonial dinner. The NFT assortment, at the different hand, was bought for hundreds of thousands of greenbacks. In different gross sales learned in another country, we see that higher value levels have been reached.

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