Acquittal of Guy Who Goes Viral Together With His Words “Supply Me Your Company Number” Video

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ON THE end of remaining 12 months in Turkey, there was a viral event on the internet. within the incident that came about on September 19, 2020, a courier named Cihan Aksu made threats whilst the law enforcement officers took action in opposition to him in Tuzla, Istanbul, and stated to an individual he referred to as through telephone, “Give me the number of the organization…”. Even Supposing a year has passed seeing that, there has been a outstanding development regarding this not to be forgotten adventure.

Aksu’s Anatolian 46th Legal Court Docket of First Example, towards whom a lawsuit used to be filed, the verdict hearing in > was once held today. The court board decided that Cihan Aksu, who was once idea to have devoted the crime of “resisting a public legit not to do his duty in a chain,” used to be not accountable. Aksu, who used to be launched pending trial in the previous classes, used to be acquitted.

He was asked to be imprisoned for as much as 5 years and three months

I told the organization number

As Aksu faced legislation enforcement, “Sen use pressure, see then you definitely, you can not punish me.” “Send me the choice of the organization or ship me the selection of my brother-in-regulation.” the use of his statements, he had threatened regulation enforcement officers. Then Again, Anadolu forty sixth Criminal Court of First Instance mentioned that Aksu didn’t have the ability and authority to steer the police, and decided that there has been no legal component. Thus, the man who used to be asked to be imprisoned for as much as 5 years and 3 months used to be acquitted.

Cihan Aksu did not attend the last hearing at the Anatolian 46th Legal Court of First Example. Alternatively, the court docket board read the entire procedure at the hearing. during the reading, it used to be said that the accused, who was once tried pending trial, stated that what he intended by the organization was once his circle of relatives and friends. h2>Here Is the viral issue of “Give me your group’s number”

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