An Ordinary Day in Turkey: Citizen Who Couldn’t Get His Money Beaten Corporate Vans With Building Machine Video

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Not a day is going by that an enchanting experience doesn’t happen in our beautiful us of a. This time, an event that you will consider for hours came about in Şırnak. consistent with the ideas got, a person who had a debt issue together with his uncle took his anger out on the trucks belonging to his uncle while he could not get his money. The pictures of the event, recorded with smartphones, will make you considering that you simply are in a simulation.

The incident DHA revealed came about approximately 1 month in the past. consistent with the allegations, a citizen named Hakan M., who labored as a digger operator in a coal mine at the slopes of Mount Cudi, couldn’t acquire his debt from his uncle, Ömer M. Upon this, Hakan M. got offended and got on an excavator and almost terrorized the coal mine.

5 vans was unusable


Hakan M., who directed the excavator against the vehicles in front of the opposite workers running in the coal mine, shattered the cabin of 5 trucks that were learned to belong to his uncle. as the vehicles turned into unusable, Hakan M. was once calmed with the intervention of the quarry workers.

After the incident, it was learned that Hakan M. and his uncle Ömer M. agreed. Whilst it used to be announced that the parties did not bitch about one another, the fate of the trucks that were scrapped is unknown…

here are the pictures of the incident in Şırnak

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