and so they say the film business is over: Russia will shoot a film in house next month

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A Russian team of 2 cosmonauts and two filmmakers will result in for the World Space Station (ISS) early subsequent month to shoot the primary movie in area, a statement from Russia stated. The four-guy crew will release on a Soyuz MS-19 rocket to be dropped at the Earth-orbiting station on October FIVE at an altitude of roughly 354km.

The group’s journey will likely be in keeping with a SpaceX-developed and The movie happens just weeks after the journey of the primary civilian group into area with a rocket and capsule, adding to the flight a component of the a long time-long Russia-United States rivalry.

‘The movie is about a normal physician. is about a cosmonaut putting in place his existence’

Alena Mordovina

Director and actor Klim Shipenko mentioned at a press conference before the group left for the Baikonur cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. “This film tells the story of a regular particular person, a physician who has no space exploration and not considered it, travels to the USS and saves the life of a cosmonaut.”

the professional cosmonauts on the workforce also are can be within the film. Commander Anton Shkaplerov said, “I’m Not going to act in the movie, but I’m Going To nonetheless need to find out how a movie is shot in an peculiar place like house.” said. The lead actress, Yulia Peresild, mentioned she discovered to be a make-up artist and gown designer myself, including: “It may not be at the similar degree because the global, but we will do our best. We Are in a position for it.”

The director, who is 1.9 meters tall. Shipenko mentioned that his top wouldn’t make training and upcoming shuttle very relaxed within the spacecraft. I’ll fly as I do now, however they promise to have a better seat in the car when we make the sequel to the shuttle to Mars.”

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