Apple Watch’s New Keyboard Function Sued For Alleged ‘Stolen’

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Introducing many new merchandise, together with the iPhone 13, with its launch final week, Apple attracted so much of attention with its new sensible watch, the Apple Watch Series 7, that is almost as massive as a telephone. After the sensible watches that made a big splash, Apple used to be sued for the keyboard it utilized in those models.

The lawsuit used to be filed by means of FlickType, which was the App Store’s most downloaded keyboard app, however used to be unexpectedly banned from Apple in 2018 for no reason why. Accusing Apple of stealing its personal keyboard designs, the company made harsh statements on Twitter, reminiscent of “now we’ve discovered the rationale” for the era giant.

FlickType and Apple Watch Collection 7’s keyboard design

apple watch flicktype

FlickType used to be an application that made the lifetime of individuals who don’t seem to be very busy with era a lot easier. thanks to this utility, users could write the words they sought after in seconds at the Apple Watch and easily find the emojis they wanted. Regardless Of being one of probably the most downloaded apps in the App Store, Apple had quite had to dispose of FlickType from the App Retailer.

The use of the design of the keyboard that Apple far from the App Retailer in the Apple Watch Series 7, which it offered at the launch after 3 years, received a really perfect response. FlickType shared the e-mail on Twitter, informing that Apple removed the appliance after this incident, and mentioned, “Now we have learned the rationale. See you in courtroom.”

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