Bold Statements from the Minister of Technology: The World Will Speak About Our Flying Automobile

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When it involves domestic production, despite the fact that we don’t have an important product but, we see that investments are made in numerous fields. Particularly when it comes to generation, we meet such a lot of our product and service needs with overseas corporations. so as to stop this situation, everybody who has the chance is attempting to add salt to the soup.

in this regard, besides the products produced by our state, such as our Turkish manufacturing instrument TOGG, Aposto! besides as media firms. In different words, we can say that we have a favorable image prior to us in phrases of the development of household merchandise and services and products. as well as to this certain image, Minister of Business and Generation Mustafa Varank made statements as a way to raise hopes much more.

the arena will discuss us:

Mustafa Varank

Varank, ÜBA TEKNOFEST Doctoral Science Awards Presentation Meeting’ In his statements at , he said that they continue to invest in youth and era at complete pace. as well as, Varank brought the subject to flying vehicles and said that each time this topic used to be pointed out, it was ridiculed, but the entire world would discuss Turkey on subjects reminiscent of flying cars, synthetic intelligence and hybrid rocket technologies.

Varank additionally mentioned that the marketplace percentage of flying vehicles will succeed in $320 billion through 2030. No product or prototype has been recommend in this matter but, but when we glance at Varank’s speeches, we will see that he does not intend to lag in the back of the competition.

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