‘Boycott’ Introduced for Yemeksepeti: Listed Below Are the details

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one in every of Turkey’s most popular meals ordering structures, Yemeksepeti, is at the time table with a outstanding event. Allegedly, the platform performed a few work to prevent its staff from unionizing. Whilst the corporate has no longer made a statement on the matter, the social media is stuffed with posts with the tag “#yemeksepetiboykot“.

The supply of the allegations about Yemeksepeti is Client Union Federation Mehmet Bulent Deniz, Chairman of the Board. The Consumer Union Federation, which held an illustration with a gaggle of staff and a few unions, claims that the corporate modified the place of job code to forestall unionization, staff have been shifted to different workplaces or even dismissed them. it’s mentioned that round 2,000 Yemeksepeti workers are in an instant affected by this case, and a complete of 6,000 people are to stop their unionization.

there has been no verbal exchange among Yemeksepeti and the patron Union Federation


Within The statements made by means of Mehmet Bülent Deniz; “Via the officers of Nakliyat-İş Union, it was stated that about 2000 shipping employees working in the aforementioned corporate were individuals of the union, however the company changed the place of job code in order to forestall unionization, and plenty of staff had been transferred to new workplaces dependent on the same addresses in a faux approach. around six thousand workers in Ankara, İzmir, Bursa, Adana, Antalya, Eskişehir and Konya, especially in İstanbul, the place staff who perform union organizing actions were fired, the workplace code was once modified with illegal strategies, had been deprived of their democratic rights. the ideas asked to be taken has been given.” statements had been included. Deniz mentioned, “The union right of the unseen heroes of the epidemic duration can’t be blocked.”

The allegations made by means of the patron Union Federation aren’t limited to those. The Federation states that it has been requested to meet with Yemeksepeti on the subject, but this request has been left out. That Is why the officials, who mentioned that they began a boycott towards the company, requested that the platform be now not used until the terrible perspective of Yemeksepeti ends.

Yemeksepeti has now not made a statement about at this time. Alternatively, whilst this observation comes, we will be able to continue to tell you…

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