Brazil As We Know It: Well Being Minister Caught COVID-19 at United International Locations Meeting

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In a content material we shared with you in the past days, we pronounced that Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, who went to the united states for the United International Locations General Meeting, is not allowed to eating places in Ny. This was once as a result of Bolsonaro, who had reduced in size COVID-19 in the previous, used to be now not vaccinated. Now, there has been a new building in this issue.

The PCR test results of Health Minister Marcelo Quiroga, who went to the united states with President Bolsonaro, was once certain. in the statements made concerning the incident, which first made headlines in the US press after which within the headlines of the entire international, it was once said that Quiroga was in excellent health and was once quarantined. The Brazilian administrators, who had a test at the building, announced that nobody else was once sure.

it might mark the UN Common Meeting

UN General Assembly

Despite The Fact That the statements made so far handiest show that Brazilian Well Being Minister Marcelo Quiroga caught COVID-19, this situation might modification within the coming hours. looks. As A Result Of, according to the photographs and information within the US press, Quiroga used to be in close contact with Jair Bolsonaro. it’s additionally mentioned that ahead of Quiroga was once quarantined, he got caught with Boris Johnson, and also stayed on the comparable lodge with both Johnson and Joe Biden. Somewhat lack of attention may have caused everybody attending the general assembly to capture COVID-19.

To be frank, it used to be no marvel to any individual that Brazilian Minister of Health Quiroga reduced in size COVID-19 /robust>. Because The Brazilian govt does not care much about the coronavirus epidemic. in truth, Minister Quiroga stated that nobody may also be forced to vaccinate, it’s an individual decision. it is also stated that he was just one dose of vaccine . In other words, the event called wishful considering has took place to Marcelo Quiroga himself.

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