Celal Şengör Acknowledged His Second of Harassment, Response From Social Media: ‘I Slapped His Ass…’

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Coming to the time table with equivalent events sooner than, Prof. Dr. Celal Şengör changed into the time table on social media with the memory of harassment he advised in a published he attended. Şengör, who works as an academician at Istanbul Technical College (ITU), reacted by pointing out that what he did used to be “harassment”. She got so indignant that I lifted Saniye’s skirt. I gave her a slap ass. She was once horrified. I looked at her like that. I said take a look at me, did your father do this? I requested my father. He said he did not even do that. I said heh, it’s incomplete, now it’s complete.” listed below are the reactions to Şengör:

“We Do Not need Şengör at our school!”

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