Chinese Gamers Who Noticed The Tibetan Flag In Existence is Bizarre: True Colours Hit The Game On Steam

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There may be parts in games that may now not be welcomed by means of some countries or communities. it’s no longer recognized whether the sport builders intentionally do that, although occasionally the other is correct. The ultimate example of this took place in the game Existence is Bizarre: Precise Colors and Chinese Language avid gamers were very indignant.

Life is Abnormal: Actual Colors sport happens in the town called Haven Springs and Treasures of Tibet in the town. The Tibetan flag was noticed at the entrance of a store referred to as The flag in query symbolizes the Tibetan freedom movement and is banned in China. This has obviously resulted in court cases from Chinese Language avid gamers on Steam.

‘Tibet is a component of China’

life is strange tibet

While the sport’s rating in line with consumer rankings could be very Positive, the majority of poor reviews for the game are from Chinese Language players. one among the poor comments mentioned, “There are elements of Tibetan independence in the game and it implies the partition of China.” while every other states, “Tibet is part of China.”

a similar state of affairs came about in the game referred to as Devotion. Chinese Language avid gamers gave a miles larger reaction to Existence is Unusual for the game that referenced a ‘meme’ comparing Chinese president Xi Jinping with Winnie the Pooh.

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