Çiftlik Financial Institution Founder Mehmet Aydın Appears Sooner Than the Pass Judgement On: I Would Like To Cover All Losses If The Opportunity Is Given

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The inventor of the Ponzi scheme, Çiftlik Bank, known for having dedicated certainly one of the largest fraud circumstances in the Republic of Turkey, Mehmet Aydın appeared sooner than the judge to make his defense. Aydın, nicknamed Tosuncuk, gave a FOUR-page defense and made rather remarkable sentences.

Mehmet Aydın’s trial was of very important significance to the victims of Çiftlik Financial Institution. Because Tosuncuk, for the primary time , came face to face with the folk he had hurt. In his protection, Mehmet Aydın rejected the allegation that he founded a criminal group, and claimed that what was performed was once trade. The founder of Çiftlik Financial Institution, who additionally defended the grievances experienced, mentioned that he may just meet all of the grievances . So, how will Mehmet Aydın do that?

“Get my belongings lower back, permit me pay all debts”

Mehmet Aydın

Tosuncuk said in his security that he sought after his property again to him. “If I Am given the opportunity, i’d love to duvet the damages of all of the complainants from my confiscated property.” Says Aydın, he states that he did not supply any unlawfulinstructions to any of his employees and that his primary purpose used to be to realize advantages by way of going abroad.

Mehmet Aydın, who has been at the run for several years, mentioned: surrendered voluntarily in Brazil, where she was hiding. Aydın, who was once dropped at Turkey on July THREE and whose trial process started, is facing imprisonment of up to 75 thousand 260 years for more than one crimes. Main Points reminiscent of how the case will end, whether or not Aydın can be punished and what’s going to happen to the victims remain unknown for now.

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