Countdown Begins for Turkey Ultimate in Red Bull Flick 2021, the place the winner will represent Turkey in the Ecu Finals

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Flick, one among the favorite tournaments of Counter-Strike: International Offensive fans in Turkey and arranged by means of Pink Bull, began as of the start of September. Whilst the qualifying rounds of the tournament, during which the avid gamers take part in groups of 2, in towns akin to Ankara, Bursa, Istanbul and Konya are finished, the approaching days seem to host the most fun suits of the event.

Infrequently online and infrequently in cities. The qualifiers held at positive locations have thus far given CS:PASS enthusiasts a lot of a laugh. the final qualifying match of the match, in order to continue unabated with the qualifiers to be held in İzmir and Adana this weekend, will probably be held in Antalya on THREE October. The 16 groups that controlled to overcome their warring parties in the qualifiers are waiting for a lot more fun playoff fits.

the most productive duo of Turkey will go to Helsinki

Red Bull Flixk

The 2 winners of the qualifying matches that started on September 5 and ended on October 3 teams may have the opportunity to compete within the grand ultimate festival that can be held in Istanbul . The CS:PASS team, that is the Turkish champion of Pink Bull Flick 2021, can have the opportunity to represent Turkey within the massive championship through going to Helsinki, the capital of Finland.

Pink Bull According To the information on Flick’s website online, there are 7 more eliminations as of today. The dates of those qualifiers are as follows;

25.09.2021 Online Qualifier #FOUR 26.09.2021 Izmir Town Qualifier 26.09.2021 Adana City Qualifier 02.10.2021 Online Qualifier #FIVE 03.10.2021 Gaziantep City Qualifier 03.10.2021 Eskişehir City Qualifier 03.10.2021 Antalya City Qualifier

Should You want to have special details about the Pink Bull Flick 2021 event, you’ll use the link right here.

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