Creepy Drawings of Schizophrenic Patients Showing How They Are Disconnected From Their Perception of Reality

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Certainly One Of the worst illnesses that can occur to a person: schizophrenia. Listening To non-existent voices, seeing imaginary buddies, even creatures causes schizophrenic patients to lose that actual reference to the world and get worse over time.

people with schizophrenia, who have problem in distinguishing between real and unreal occasions, often attempt to express themselves via picturing what they see. Even Supposing these drawings could appear scary, they painfully mirror the summary ideas, vacancy and depression of schizophrenic sufferers.

Kate Fenner, who was identified with schizophrenia on the age of 17

kate fenner

Kate Fenner is currently in her 20s and 17 years antique. She has been combating this illness considering she was once a yr antique. Kate, who was once afraid of the imaginary issues she noticed in the early tiers of the disease and due to this fact felt excluded from the arena, states that it used to be just right for her to attract what she saw.

If you want, let’s take a closer take a look at Kate’s world with her drawings.

a few of Kate’s drawings;

kate fenner

Kate fenner

schizophrenic drawings

this is how Kate says she sees herself in the mirror;

kate fenner

The chicken making a song to Kate in her hallucinations;

kate fenner

The fly that repeatedly tells Kate to set the home on hearth;


“If I steal their attractiveness, maybe i’ll be lovely too”

kate fenner schizophrenia drawings

3 imaginary buddies of a Reddit person named ErosPram; Void, Small, Satan

personality disorder< /p>

ErosPram, who wants to percentage his ache with people on Reddit, talks about his imaginary friendsVoid, Small and Satan who’ve accompanied him in his life seeing that kindergarten.

ErosPram said that in place of being scared of Devil, he was once in a position to forget about him, particularly in crowded spaces, and stated that Devil hated him and said that he at all times wanted him to head to hell. Customers asked ErosPram to draw a drawing of what the satan looks like.

the result is:


ErosPram, while asked what Devil thinks about this drawing, spoke back, “He says that my skill in portray is hopeless like myself. But I Think the issue is. no, she no doubt looks as if him.”

the picture drawn by Karen Blair, a schizophrenic affected person, in 1929:

karen blair

Eric Baumann’s reflection of his own thoughts;

eric baumann

Drawing by way of a schizophrenic in a mental hospital:

schizophrenia drawing

The ultimate image drawn by means of a schizophrenic affected person without committing suicide:

schizophrenic drawing

The creature seen by a schizophrenic patient who is continuously hallucinating:


Two headed creatures drawn via Johfra Draak:

johfra draak

Once More, Draak’s personal ok “Dante’s Hell”

johfra draak

The painter Bryan Charnley

Bryan Charnley

Charnley, who began having frightened breakdowns in 1968 while she used to be simply 18 years antique and began to have hallucinations and delusions over the years, in spite of a majority of these problems, Central Faculty Art and Design He managed to win his school. /robust> had to see it.

Charnley’s drawings had been left at the back of that showed how arduous he have been.

the photographs Charnley drew:


bryan charnley

Charnley’s self-portrait:

charnley portrait


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