Critical Complaint of Celal Şengör’s Harassment ‘Memory’ by means of Şahan Gökbakar: ‘I was stunned by way of his rash’

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HE IS an academician at Istanbul Technical College, who steadily creates controversy together with his statements. Dr. Celal Şengör garnered great response with a video that came up once more on Twitter the other day.

Describing a ‘memory’ he had with a pupil, Şengör with a grin on his face stated, “It made him so indignant that Seconds I lifted the skirt of . I gave him a slap within the ass This second also terrified those who watched the video. After the video changed into a sizzling topic on Twitter, there was so much of response to Şengör.

a statement from Şahan Gökbakar:

On The Other Hand, after all, what Şengör defined within the video was not harassment, a fatherly act. there have been additionally people who concept it used to be ‘customary’. Şahan Gökbakar reacted to this incident, which we don’t realize whether or not we are shocked whether or not it is thought to be commonplace to ‘smack your ass’ via lifting a grown woman’s skirt or being informed with fun.

”this attitude is never paternal”:

“Celal Şengör, a scientist i admire and follow, despite the fact that in his personal means blameless and paternalistic, a tender pupil lifted up her skirt and spanked her butt, after which ‘his father said that’ even supposing she laughs on the incontrovertible fact that she did it as a result of she did not do it…

In brand new international, regardless of which civilized us of a you do that in, sexual harassment research starts in opposition to you.

a woman as the father of his kid, i was inconceivably stunned through this observation and insult.

even though he’s considered one of the international’s optimum professors, human is human, he makes errors! Confidently, Hodja Celal Şengör apologizes to that young girl, her father and her entire family…

this attitude He Is never a FATHER!

Dads cannot elevate girls’ skirts and spank them below any instances!


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