Cryptocurrency Web Page pNetwork Hacked: $12 Million Bitcoin Stolen

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On The Grounds That cryptocurrencies won popularity, the scoop of fraud, corruption and robbery has now not ceased. the most contemporary example of this case was once a robbery on the crypto money transfer platform known as pNetwork.

The hackers stole 12.7 million greenbacks worth of Bitcoin from the crypto cash transfer platform pNetwork. “Cyber ​​attackers attacked pBTC over BSC by exploiting a trojan horse in our code base and stealing 277 Bitcoins,” pNetwork said on its Twitter account.

‘All different price range are safe’

cryptocurrency “bridges” were not suffering from the assault. Bridges mean that crypto money customers replica one cryptocurrency to a different cryptocurrency.

pNetwork, in an announcement from its Telegram account, stated that the bridges shall be reactivated in the coming days with extra security features, the mistake has been detected and glued. mentioned. pBTC is outlined because the packaged Bitcoin model of pNetwork. “Wrapped Bitcoin”, a token, is traded in a single-to-one equivalence to Bitcoin in good blockchain agreements.

this allows this token to be used as a duplicate of Bitcoin in decentralized finance protocols (DeFi). . The assault took place on Binance Good Chain, that is the biggest DeFi heist in historical past, including the breaking of the $610 million Poly Network in advance this year.

In 24 hours, the PNT token under the control of pNetwork misplaced 18 percent of its price

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