Cyberpunk 2021: Turkish YouTuber Places Wi-Fi Chip Underneath His Pores And Skin

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Tolga Özuygur, who succeeded in making his voice heard along with his crazy inventions, especially with his home made Iron Man costume with voice assistant and fire-throwing, finished another attention-grabbing factor the opposite day. Özuygur positioned an implant underneath the surface in his hand. The feature of this implant is that it transforms one’s hand right into a device. The implant comprises RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) and NFC technologies. Whilst that they had not but come to those projects, many people had so much of interest about the implant. Özuygur also made a Q&A in his story and spoke back curiosities in regards to the subcutaneous implant.

The questions that we all had in regards to the implant had been spoke back:

tolga Özuygur

after all, one in every of the first questions that involves mind for any individual seeing something like this Something like ‘Are we being bank cards strolling?‘ is going on. A follower who was once thinking about this additionally said whether a credit card may well be defined in the implant. Özuygur stated that this can’t be performed with this implant and that contactless fee has a safer infrastructure.

Is the implant biocompatible?

according to Özuygur, the implant is housed in a biocompatible glass. And this does not pose any danger to the body.

Is there any drawback with MRI and steel detectors?

in keeping with the assessments performed, the device doesn’t result in any problems all through MRI. However, it does not cause issues corresponding to beeping in steel detectors.

Intrabody image of the implant:

tolga Özuygur

Ozuygur, appearing an X-ray image from the internet, showed that the implant is very small in measurement. .

Why used to be it now not placed in a different a part of the hand, equivalent to the palm?

Indicating that this part of the hand is usual, Özuygur stated that this aspect doesn’t affect any serve as of the hand.

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