Describing the ‘Memory’ of Harassment, Prof. Dr. An Investigation Has Been Opened In Opposition To Celal Şengör

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Not Too Long Ago, he got a lot of response along with his video of his scholar lifting his skirt and slapping him. After the video, the famous comic Şahan Gökbakar reacted to Şengör on social media and said, “i used to be stunned via his flatulence.” there has been so much of power. ITU Rectorate made a statement approximately this incident as of late

An investigation has been opened

In a press release made by the ITU Rectorate, Prof. Dr. It has been introduced that an investigation has been launched towards Celal Şengör. Even Supposing Şengör calls this example “education“, many people on social media stated that it’s obviously harassment and that he defined this case as an ordinary factor “ >disgracefully.” We invite you. The felony aspect of the incident is under research by way of the prosecutor’s administrative center and we now have full religion within the rule of regulation.” /p>

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