FBI Releases First Mystery Files of NINE/ELEVEN Assaults: Here Is What Is Within The Report

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the most important building came about in regards to the September 11 attacks within the USA on September 11, 2001, in which approximately THREE,000 other folks misplaced their lives. some time in the past, it was reported that a few files could be declassified and shared with the public. Following this information, the primary of the documents was once made to be had today.

the first document opened to get right of entry to is set the allegations of connection among of the hijackers who carried out the attacks and Saudi Arabia. Even Supposing the 16-page and in part edited file mentions the support provided by a Saudi citizen to the attacks, there is no evidence of any direct link among the assaults and the Saudi Arabian govt.

Files from 2016 come with witness statements:

He died within the September ELEVEN attacks Loved Ones of the victims have long pressured the us govt to unlock files containing knowledge on the links between the Saudi Arabian executive and the assaults. as well as, Biden has been criticized for a while for not taking any steps in this regard. it’s mentioned that Omar al-Bayumi , who’s a Saudi Arabian citizen and known to be a student in La, is definitely an intelligence agent, even as Al-Bayumi provided logistics and fiscal support to the two hijackers who performed the attacks. is expressed.

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