Final August Was Once the sixth Freshest August in the Last 50 Years

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Within The last August, the temperature analysis record of the overall Directorate of Meteorology, Climate and Local Weather Change Branch Directorate, recorded the temperature analysis file of the last FIVE years, the hottest of the final 50 years, and the 6th freshest in 50 years. It was the fifth of August.

When Put Next with the seasonal normals between 1981-2010 in comparison to the former year, it was noticed that the temperature of August of this yr greater both compared to the standard and in comparison to the former 12 months. new extreme temperature has took place in 22 regions within the Aegean and Mediterranean, where fires are extreme.

The temperature has greater via 1.FIVE levels:

This 12 months’s August temperature values ​​are in the northeastern parts of the country and the western and southern coasts of the rustic. It was above the seasonal normals, and in different areas, it used to be throughout the seasonal normals. the typical August temperature, which has been 24.5 levels for many years, has higher by way of 1.FIVE degrees to 26 degrees. In August, the lowest temperature is in Sivas Kangal with 5.2 degrees, and the top is 47.FIVE degrees It used to be recorded in Cizre, Şırnak.

Other freshest August months have been recorded in 2006, 2008, 2014 and 2016.

Temperature values ​​via area:

When the elements prerequisites for the primary EIGHT months of this year are examined, the temperatures in all months aside from March are both the long-time period moderate and the final yr. important building up was discovered. The temperature values ​​that rise by means of region with the August values ​​are as follows:

The lengthy-time period reasonable temperature in August, which was 25.EIGHT levels in the Aegean Region, greater via 2.2 degrees in August 2021 27 rose to rank. The long-term reasonable temperature in August, which used to be 23.9 levels in the Marmara Area, greater by 2 levels in August 2021 to 25.9 levels. The lengthy-term moderate temperature in August, which was once 26.9 degrees in the Mediterranean Area, larger by way of 1.9 degrees in August 2021 and rose to 28.EIGHT degrees. The lengthy-time period average temperature in August, which was once 22.4 degrees in the Black Sea Region, greater through 1.3 degrees in August 2021 and rose to 23.7 levels.The lengthy-term average temperature in August, which used to be 22.8 degrees within the Jap Anatolia Area, larger by 1.1 degrees in August 2021 and rose to 23.9 levels. The lengthy-time period moderate temperature in August, which was once 30.3 levels in the Southeastern Anatolia Area, greater by means of 1.1 levels in August 2021 to 31.4 levels.

Extreme temperatures experienced in hearth zones:

New extreme temperatures came about in 22 regions in August this 12 months. So Much of the temperatures have been recorded in Manavgat and Marmaris , especially where massive wooded area fires happened. Different places the place extreme temperatures are experienced are as follows; Tekirdağ, Çanakkale, Akhisar, Manisa, Aydın, Datça, Dursunbey, Bergama, Ödemiş, Nazilli, Milas, Dalaman, Fethiye, Antalya, Finike, Kaş, Eğirdir, Köyceğiz, Demre and Gazipaşa.


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