Fraud Like an Anecdote: First They Offered The Automobile They Rented After Which Stole It

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within the content we share with you from time to time, we discuss incredible occasions in Turkey. essentially the most latest instance of those came about latest days, a person in Şırnak had destroyed FIVE vehicles that belonged to his uncle with a bucket. Now, an enchanting event that seems unlikely to occur in every other usa has taken position.

The heroes of the development in Antalya, Ç.Ö., S.P. and B.H. were citizens. Those three electorate, who went to a apartment company, prepared a faux registration code and a pretend power of lawyer for the car. Later, this tool E.A. The fraudsters, who sold ONE HUNDRED FORTY thousand TL to a citizen named, stole the car they sold back after rented the use of the spare key of the car a couple of days after the sale.

They were all arrested

They sold the rental car first and then stole it

The record made to the police via EA, who idea that she purchased a brand new car for A HUNDRED AND FORTY thousand liras and had this automotive stolen a couple of days after the sale. ., SP and B.H. It enabled the public’s deceptions to be uncovered. The research initiated via the Antalya Provincial Police Division Public Security Branch Directorate’s Pickpocketing and Fraud Office ended in the arrest of the suspects.

The statements taken by means of Ç.Ö., S.P. and B.H. have been arrested by the presiding judge, from which they have been got rid of. The vehicle and E.A. The fate of the citizen’s cash is unknown for now…

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