Germany Suffers from Increase in Area Rents: Public Protests

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because it is known, severe increases are observed in housing rents in our usa, particularly in massive cities; As a question of reality, the annual rent building up charge in Istanbul was once recorded as 50.7%. However we are not the only country suffering from this situation; In Berlin, Germany, people took to the streets due to the upward push in rents.

Berlin alliance in opposition to displacement and rent spree” by means of “Housing for all. In Combination in opposition to expulsion from our neighborhoods with top rents” Heaps of individuals amassed in Alexander Square to participate within the demonstration organized with the slogan “Let’s get out”. In The demonstration, the place there was participation from more than a few parts of the rustic, federal and state governments were accused of no longer preventing in opposition to rent increases.

‘Rens are expanding, salaries remain in place’

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Displayers later on “Forestall rent increases ‘, ‘Housing for all’, ‘Houses for people, now not profits’, ‘Houses as opposed to shopping malls’, ‘Rents are expanding, salaries remain in position. Sufficient is enough’ and ‘This city is ours’, carrying banners and banners from Unter. Ayleen Munro, who lives in the city of Lübeck, instructed the AA correspondent that she attended the demonstration to attract attention to the very prime rents. We call for that the hire build up be stopped and that the rents be frozen for a certain period of time. they can’t pay the hire to any extent further.”

‘We try to resist the sale of homes’

germany rent protest

Annika Ebert, who lives within the Hasenheide district of Berlin, additionally mentioned that the homes they live in as tenants are being offered, “We we are preventing for the correct to pre-sale. > However, we are partly a success on this regard. we’ve got based an excellent community and are trying to resist the sale of the homes ahead.”

While the organizers of the display stated that 20,000 folks attended the march, the Berlin police introduced that this number was around 4,000.

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