Hackers Raid Zoom’s ‘Hurricane’ Assembly with Pornographic Movies

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Hurricane Ida, which reached the south coast of the usa on August 29 and affected the states of Louisiana, Mississippi and Tennessee, brought about sudden water and large destruction in many regions. As hundreds of electrical energy poles and cables were destroyed via the affect of the typhoon, there have been energy outages affecting just about 1 million customers. the public Carrier Commission (PSC) and electricity firms have received response on this great devastation.

5 individuals from Louisiana’s Public Service Fee (PSC) scheduled an online assembly by means of Zoom to speak about outage problems. The meeting came about on Wednesday with a gaggle of TWO HUNDRED legal professionals, lobbyists and corporate executives. Whilst the fee participants were speaking on the meeting, anonymous individuals shared their screens and performed pornographic movies. in order to resolve this unfortunate factor, the meeting had to be postponed for quarter-hour.

“Hackers have sufficient web get entry to”

Fee chairman Craig Inexperienced gave his thoughts in this incident that sabotaged the assembly, in an interview with The Adyocate newspaper. It was once unlucky and disgusting, it appears the hackers have sufficient electrical energy and internet get admission to.” the overall secretary of the crowd said that many fake money owed additionally participated within the meeting, which used to be open to the public.

After the assembly resumed, it continued uninterrupted for 3 and a part hours. Federal crisis relief asked to offset losses from the typhoon and transmit electricity from manufacturing amenities to consumers has been approved.

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