Heirloom: He bought and modified the automobile his father offered two decades later

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An automobile mechanic residing in Karaman and excited by tuning bought his father’s 1991 fashion sparrow automotive, which he had written 20 years in the past.

the automobile, which is able to cross up to 100 kilometers in 6 seconds, has been totally renewed; He placed 2nd in the last race he participated in.

He purchased his father’s car after twenty years

found and bought his father's car 20 years later

An vehicle mechanic Mehmet Aykan published an advert for the automobile that his father bought in 1991 and sold after 11 years of use. > 20 years later. Ayken, who purchased the car right away, started to participate within the races after modifying the car. In his spare time, Ayhan takes care of the vehicle, whose seats and rearview mirrors are got rid of in order that he does not weigh himself in the races. Changed fans who see the automobile, on the different hand, watch the car with great interest.

Indicating that he has been all for modified cars because his early life, Mehmet Aykan mentioned, “we strive to take part in races arranged as much as we will be able to. My father purchased the auto I power now as new in 1991 and bought it after driving for roughly 11 years. My childhood was spent in this car. After twenty years, I noticed the car in gross sales ads and straight away bought it. so as to take part within the races, along with 2 of my friends, we spent A HUNDRED AND TWENTY thousand by means of totally renovating it. We labored exhausting day and evening. Since such a lot of the parts are not right here, we brought all of them from out of doors,” he said, including that his interest for racing by no means waned.

Can connect with pc like new type vehicles

she found and bought her father's car after 20 years

Announcing that the car can also be hooked up to a pc just like new style vehicles, Aykan mentioned, “this way, we can keep watch over the brain of the car. “we are fueling with nitrogen gas. We finished the FOUR HUNDRED meters in 13.5 seconds within the remaining race held in Antalya. The vehicle hurries up to ONE HUNDRED kilometers in 6 seconds. Its engine has been totally changed and it has a turbo. in short, its engine is totally made of metal,” he said.

“we’ve got a scarcity of tracks in Karaman. We aren’t the only ones, now we have many pals who want to take part in the races. earlier, most effective we were able to participate in the races held in other provinces inside our method. However we now have many buddies who want to take part in the races. The observe in Karaman I had to take the auto to Konya with a tow truck and prepare there for three days during the week in order to organize for the races.

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