How Much Tax Will We Pay for Which iPhone 13 Fashion? (Taxes More Than Apple Turkey’s Profit)

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US-based totally technology giant Apple announced the iPhone 13 family, iPad mini, at a launch adventure held on September 14 (the day gone by) at 20:00. > and the new Watch Collection 7. The Web Site, which was updated in Turkey upon the announcement made through the corporate, this time allowed customers to learn of new prices without wasting time. as well as, we shared with you that the cost of the iPhone SE was higher after this update.

probably the most hanging facets of the brand new Apple products are no doubt their costs. . The Corporate did not feel the need to boost the renewed cellphone models. on this context, the u.s. prices of the iPhone THIRTEEN family had been kept the similar as the iPhone 12 family. Now, we will touch on a subject matter that is talkly mentioned in Turkey. How a lot does Apple earn from any iPhone 13 model and how so much tax can we pay as shoppers?

here’s the access value, tax and benefit margin of iPhone 13 fashions in Turkey

iPhone 13

Ahead Of we proceed with our content material, let’s talk about tips on how to calculate .

With an example; FOUR.682 TL of the ten thousand 999 TL price of the iPhone 13 mini is proven as direct tax at the Apple reliable site.

Taxes implemented to smartphones in our usa are 18 % VAT, 50 p.c SCT, 10 p.c TRT percentage and 1% is the percentage of the Ministry of Tradition and Tourism. At this point, you may be considering that the total charge of the tax is 79%. On The Other Hand, because the tax calculation is calculated by means of multiplying one another, not adding on most sensible of one another, there’s a tax price of 96.6 p.c on the cost of an iPhone 13 mini for all smartphones. we will now calculate the customs clearance costs of iPhone 13 models the usage of opposite mathematical operations, after which how a lot profit Apple Turkey has made out of one iPhone 13 sale.

< h3>iPhone 13 mini

iPhone 13 mini

For 128 GB version:

Customs entry price: FOUR.846 TL (approximately $576) (“Share of the entry value of the product in Turkey According To the mathematical calculation of the query “what is the customs clearance worth of the product if NINETY SIX.6, ie FOUR,682 TL is tax?” Tax: 4.682 TL (NINETY SIX.6%) Apple Turkey’s profit : 1,471 TL Sale Value: 10,999 TL

For 256GB model:

Worth to go into customs: 5,084 TL (roughly 600 USD) Tax: 4,912 TL (NINETY SIX.6%) Apple Turkey’s profit: 2.003 TL Selling Value: 11.999 TL

For 512GB version:

Worth to enter customs: FIVE.560 TL (approximately 660 TL) greenbacks) Tax: FIVE,371 TL (96.6%) Apple Turkey’s profit: 3.068 TL Gross Sales Worth: 13,999 TL


iPhone 13

<For 128 GB model: Customs entry worth: FIVE,096 TL (roughly 604 USD) Tax: FOUR,923 TL (NINETY SIX percent) ,6) Apple Turkey’s profit: 1,980 TL Sales Value: 11,999 TL

For 256 GB version:

< strong>Customs entry value: FIVE,334 TL (roughly 632 bucks) Tax: FIVE,153 TL (NINETY SIX.6%) Apple Turkey’s profit: 2,512 TL < strong>Sale Value: 12,999 TL

For 512 GB model:rong>

Customs access price: FIVE,810 TL (roughly $690) Tax: 5,613 TL (96.6%) Apple Turkey’s benefit: THREE,576 TL Sale Value: 14,999 TL

iPhone 13 Pro

iPhone 13 Pro

For 128GB version:

Value to go into customs:< /strong> TL 7,449 (roughly $883) Tax: TL 7,196 (96.6%) Apple Turkey’s profit: TL 1,354 Sales Worth: strong> 15.999 TL

For 256GB version:

Customs entry value: 7,706 TL (approximately 913 bucks) Tax: 7,444 TL (NINETY SIX.6%) Apple Turkey’s profit: 1,849 TL Gross Sales Price: 16,999 TL

For 512 GB version:

Customs entry worth: EIGHT.218 TL (approximately $975) Tax: TL 7,939 (96.6%) Apple Turkey’s profit: TL 2,842 Gross Sales Price: TL 18,999

For 1 TB version:

Customs access worth: EIGHT,928 TL (approximately $1,058) Tax: EIGHT,625 TL (96.6%) Apple Turkey’s profit: THREE.446 TL Sale Value: 20.999 TL

iPhone 13 Professional Max

iPhone 13 Pro Max

For 128GB model:

Customs access price: EIGHT,103 TL (roughly $960) Tax: 7,828 TL (NINETY SIX.6%) Apple Turkey’s profit: 2.068 TL Promoting Value: 17.999 TL

For 256GB version:

Price to enter customs: 8.363 TL (roughly $990) Tax: 8,079 TL (NINETY SIX.6%) Apple Turkey’ benefit of 2,557 TL Sale Price: 18,999 TL

For 512 GB version:

Price to enter customs: EIGHT,883 TL (approximately $1,053) Tax: 8,581 TL (96.6%) Apple Turkey’s benefit: THREE.535 TL Gross Sales Value: 20,999 TL

For 1 TB model:

Customs entry value: 9,605 TL (roughly $1,140) Tax: NINE,279 TL (NINETY SIX.6%) Apple Turkey’s profit: FOUR,115 TL Gross Sales Worth: 22,999 TL

*The above-mentioned customs clearance price and Apple Turkey’s benefit share Let’s state that the quantities aren’t shared in any official remark, they’re the values ​​now we have bought via our personal calculations inside the taxes introduced by way of Apple, and are sure .

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