If Dinosaurs Did Not Exist, Snakes Might Never Have Existed: Here Is Why

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SIXTY SIX million years ago, a meteorite struck Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, creating a crater with a diameter of 200 kilometers in the area. This collision, which destroyed SEVENTY SIX% of lifestyles in the world, including dinosaurs, may be the rationale why snake species have survived to at the present time, in line with a brand new take a look at.

Scientists have been on the earth for a long time after the meteorite hit. He said that there were natural disasters such as tsunamis, earthquakes and fires for years, and that regardless of the breaking of the food chains of snakes, they are able to endure starvation for lengthy classes by way of hiding underground.

Snakes have undergone many adjustments over tens of millions of years. unattended


one in all the lead authors of the observe, Dr. Catherine Klein; At The Same Time As using the expressions “Snakes had been able to live to tell the tale in this setting the place the meals chain was once destroyed and unfold to other continents and tailored to their new atmosphere”, he states that if it weren’t for the affect of the meteorite, the snakes wouldn’t be amongst us today by means of disappearing within the meals chain.

in keeping with the article published in Nature Communications, the ancestors of heaps of snake species discovered within the world as of late are according to snake species on the time of the meteorite impact. Scientists also emphasize that it has now not modified so much over thousands and thousands of years, and that the snake fossils discovered are legless and flexible jaws, identical to the species residing now.

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