Inexperienced Bee Bird, A Unprecedented Species in Hatay, Has Been Seen for the first Time in 31 Years

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one among the most necessary hen watchers and wildlife professionals in our u . s ., Emin Yoğurtçuoğlu, known as the ‘fowl detective’, made a delightful remark at Mileyha Wetland in Hatay. The Fairway bee-eater, which has now not been noticed in the region given that 1990, was seen for the primary time in 31 years. a rare species. Inexperienced bee birds, which spend the iciness in Africa and migrate to our u . s . a . within the summer season, breed in an overly limited area.

The choice of recorded bird species in the area has reached 285:

green bee bird

Yğurtçuoğlu on inexperienced bee bird remark” All Over these regimen journeys, we encountered the green bee-eater ultimate seen in 1990. This species, which has no longer been seen in Hatay for 31 years, breeds most effective in Iğdır, Şanlıurfa and to a small extent in Adıyaman in Turkey. This chicken species, which involves Turkey in the summer time months, spends the iciness months in Africa. On The Other Hand, I Might love to draw attention to this factor. now we have a special species that we call normal bee chicken, this bee fowl is noticed in abundance in every single place Turkey. it will be understood that the bee chicken and the fairway bee hen, which appear in abundance in this duration, are different species. While talking approximately the green bee-eater is a different species and it is uncommon, he incessantly emphasizes the significance of the area.

Yoğurtçuoğlu has been proceeding her observations within the Mileyha Wetland in latest days and shares good news from the area. After the final rains, job started again in the region, which has been dry for a protracted time, and 285 chook species are living within the area, that is one in all the puts frequented by birds, with the latest discoveries.

Indicating that the realm, which was once declared as a wetland within the past weeks and that is of vital significance for fowl species in our u . s ., need to be secure, Yoğurtçuoğlu mentioned, “Right Here, we had the risk to view numerous species that experience no longer been noticed anywhere else in Turkey. Three of them changed into a new species for Turkey this year. The striped-throated swallow got here from India. The Arabian lark came from the Arabian Peninsula and stopped by way of the wilderness shepherd’s cockroach on its method to the Egyptian deserts. Those showed us that this is an vital prevent for all birds, explaining the importance of the region.

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