Insurance Companies will not have the opportunity to make use of 2d hand spare portions with out the consent of the vehicle proprietor.

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The Union of Turkish Bar Associations (TBB) introduced a choice that got here into pressure in 2020 to the judiciary. This decision, prepared by the Ministry of Treasury and Finance, paved the way for the use of 2nd-hand spare parts instead of unique portions without the consent of the owner of a broken vehicle. in step with the Council of State, the decision contained in the communiqué titled “Basic Stipulations for Amending The Overall Conditions of Motorized Vehicles Compulsory Liability Insurance for Highways” used to be discovered to be illegal. as well as to /robust>, it was against the Regulation of Legal Professionals, the Freeway Site Visitors Legislation and the Law of Civil Process. The Council of State, as a result of its investigations, concluded that the TBB was once proper. As A Result, the automobiles of third parties who’re now not a party to the insurance courting and that are right away broken can be repaired with second-hand parts only if approved.

Restricts property right

Traffic accident

within the statements made in regards to the issue, which is examined via the eighth Chamber of the Council of State and which concerns everybody who owns a vehicle, it’s stated that the stated choice is proscribing the fitting to property and is unlawful. It used to be mentioned that robust>. The Council of State, that allows you to talk about the case on the merits within the coming days, will make its ultimate choice at that assembly. . in addition, the establishment will make certain that some articles within the comparable communiqué are amended. Therefore, the rights of the voters shall be more protected in traffic accidents.

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