iPhone 13 Series Takes Battery Take A Look At In Opposition To iPhone 12 and 11: Listed Below Are The Results

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Apple held its September 14 experience last week and introduced new iPad, Apple Watch and iPhone products. As with different devices, within the iPhone 13 family, Apple offered innovations that we’re no longer generally used to seeing from the company, akin to 120Hz reveal refresh fee. one in every of those inventions was the greatly advanced battery capability of the iPhone 13 circle of relatives in comparison to previous models.

The iPhone THIRTEEN circle of relatives, which gives the most complicated battery revel in ever, is Mrwhosetheboss to end up it. > was once a guest on his channel. in comparison to the previous fashions of the collection, the telephones carried out smartly above the average. The iPhone 13 Professional Max, at the different hand, broke information.

IPhone SE, which started with ONE HUNDRED%, couldn’t closing even 4 hours

in the take a look at; iPhone THIRTEEN Professional Max, iPhone 13 Professional, iPhone 13, iPhone THIRTEEN Mini, iPhone 12< /strong>, iPhone 11 and iPhone SE are pitted in opposition to one another. All telephones started the check with a hundred % charge. Here’s the place the batteries reached after 1 hour of continuing social media browsing:

iPhone 13 Pro Max: NINETY SIX% iPhone THIRTEEN Professional: 94% iPhone THIRTEEN: % 93 iPhone 13 Mini: NINETY ONE% iPhone 12: 89% iPhone ELEVEN: 81% iPhone SE: EIGHTY%

From now on, we can say that the iPhone SE is among the phones that watch movies and play video games on YouTube. in addition, it is going to no longer be overlooked that the phones offer battery performance according to their price ranking. After THREE hours and 38 minutes the battery levels are as follows:

iPhone THIRTEEN Pro Max: 71% iPhone THIRTEEN Professional: SIXTY FIVE% sturdy> iPhone 13: %SIXTY THREE iPhone THIRTEEN Mini: 55% iPhone 12: 46% iPhone ELEVEN: 17% iPhone SE: ZERO%

How lengthy did the telephones ultimate?

iPhone 13 battery test

After All, how lengthy does your phone final below energetic and heavy use Let’s additionally display that they are able to remaining.

iPhone THIRTEEN Professional Max: NINE hours FIFTY TWO mins iPhone 13 Professional: EIGHT hours 17 minutes iPhone THIRTEEN: 7 hours 45 mins iPhone 13 Mini: 6 hours 26 mins iPhone 12: 5 hours FIFTY FOUR minutes iPhone 11: FOUR hours 20 mins iPhone SE: THREE hours 38 mins we now have seen that it performs neatly beneath the you’ll be able to percentage your emotions at the matter within the comment segment.

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