iPod’s 2021 Concept Inspired via iPhone THIRTEEN Discovered

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Apple offered the primary iPod on October 23, 2001; In different words, it has been virtually two decades for the reason that iPods entered our lives. As such, the idea got here to mind whether Apple could release a brand new iPod to have fun its twentieth anniversary.

A fashion designer named Andrea Copellino introduced this concept to lifestyles and got here up with an idea called iPod 2021. took it out. a really perfect layout has emerged because the aspects of the software are made of stainless-steel and the again is glass to allow wi-fi charging.

the concept doesn’t have a headphone jack:

iPod 2021 concept

Copellino is in instrument within the layout he discovered He also says he made adjustments; because the original iPod’s software is quite out of date. one of the most placing sides of the design is that there may be no headphone jack at the software.

As of 2021, AirPods became very common. . It Sort Of Feels reasonably herbal that an iPod that emerged in this kind of length does not have a headphone jack. Then Again, if this designed iPod have been in reality produced and placed on sale, it’s no longer tough to guess that it would not be sold with AirPods.

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