Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Will Instantly Follow Taxi and Buses

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BECAUSE IT is known, every so often forensic incidents can happen in public transportation vehicles and taxis; such that the collection of those occasions has reached approximately 7 thousand annually. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality’s Public Transportation Control and Control Heart will display 15 thousand taxis and seven thousand buses with a camera and GPS machine to stop those eventualities.

July 15 in Bayrampaşa IMM Public Transportation Regulate and Management Heart, which started to serve at the Democracy Bus Station; It consists of 2 units: Digicam Car Monitoring Chief and Supervision Chief. The Center will reveal over 15 thousand taxis and nearly 7 thousand minibuses, minibuses and taxi-dolmuses in Istanbul with in-car cameras, and can perform motive force inspections.

About 7 thousand forensic cases. shall be illuminated:


the information might be shared with the judicial government and safety forces, and it shall be imaginable to light up roughly 7 thousand judicial circumstances in step with yr within the cars.

With the grievance submitted to İBB Beyaz Masa, the routes and in-car pictures of the taxis might be monitored at this center. Punitive motion will probably be taken if the taxi driving force is located to be at fault in the investigations. in addition, in cases of now not selecting up shoppers or shedding the buyer on the highway, in-vehicle cameras will be tested and answers shall be sought. As an issue of fact, panic buttons shall be used within the system to offer protection to taxi drivers from negativities. by using these buttons, taxi drivers will likely be capable of ask for help by way of contacting the general public Transportation Regulate and Management Middle by way of pressing the panic button in case of a terrible state of affairs in the vehicle. Minibuses shall be under statement instantly with FOUR cameras and taxis with 3 cameras.

City Line ferries will also be incorporated in the machine:

city lines

Overall, together with audit personnel working within the middle, mounted and field EIGHTY FOUR staff are on responsibility. The workforce within the field will right away switch the inspections they make with their cars to the center.

City Strains ferries will also be incorporated on this system within the close to long term. We archive the pictures to be watched, archived right here and shared with the judicial authorities and police units whilst important. This also is helping to light up many occasions. we have 17 thousand 395 taxis in general, of which 15,000 have our techniques already installed, and installations proceed for the rest. Our techniques are already installed in our 7 thousand minibuses and taxis.”

Taxi drivers could have a panic button:

taxi panic button

“except for that, our middle may have a function like this, we’ve a panic button in our systems in our taxis. If those panic buttons are pressed in any negative state of affairs, we can receive a caution. At that second, we can achieve the driving force and right here we will touch the motive force with a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ encrypted communication means whether there’s a negative scenario or not. If we get a poor state of affairs, we can instantly share the situation with our security devices and go back our cars on the similar time. Given That we’ve not just camera monitoring, but additionally GPS knowledge, we purpose to percentage this with our legislation enforcement gadgets and help shed gentle on the incident or assist our shopkeepers no longer be sufferers.”

January persisted: “we’ve got 2 cameras in our taxis that monitor the front and the again , we now have 4 cameras in our minibuses, and 3 cameras in the taxi dolmus.

Because there is also some problems in one-to-one, but if there may be an image, everything may be very clear. once we get a criticism, similar to I took a taxi, the taxi driver forcibly took me down or didn’t want to take me, or wandered too a long way over the GPS knowledge, lawsuits succeed in our resolution middle.

“Right Here, the machine is examined by means of our pals. we are evaluated on the basis of whichever public delivery vehicle the taxi or minibus is in, we apply the required sanctions and we provide comments to our electorate. when we see a bad scenario through the wireless tracking, our groups within the box can quickly report the positioning and ensure that it is transferred temporarily.”

“there may be a sanction whilst our video recorder gadgets in any means are bodily interfered with.

strong> I supply an instance; even if he modifies the perspective of the digital camera, there’s a sanction for this. once we stumble upon such an incident, we right away suspend the license and work permit and invite the individual to the inspection heart, to peer why he behaved this way or how the bodily intervention took place.

So whilst it interferes in any manner, it has a heavy sanction.”.

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