It Seems Like We Got It, But Its Case Is Missing: Are iPhone 12 Instances Compatible With The Brand New iPhone THIRTEEN?

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As expected, and the  iPhone 13 has in spite of everything arrived, with an almost an identical design to the iPhone 12, with flat edges, facet-to-area display, and more.

Then Again, sadly, there is a minor change that means your iPhone 12 circumstances will not fit your new iPhone 13.

just a word: since the calculations are made in inches, we’ve given the measurements in the related unit without breaking it. 1 inch equals 2.54 cm.

iPhone 12/iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone THIRTEEN/iPhone THIRTEEN Professional:

iPhone 13 /13 Pro and iPhone 12/12 Pro

New iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro are the similar measurement: Both are 5.78 inches lengthy, 2.82 huge and Even As it has a thickness of 0.30 inches; for the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Professional those dimensions are 5.78 inches, respectively, 2.82 inches and 0.29 inches.

As you’ll be able to see, the dimensions of the iPhone 12 and THIRTEEN are virtually the similar; alternatively, the rear digicam bump has been redesigned and is now better, so the iPhone THIRTEEN is one click on than the iPhone 12. this implies that when you purchase a brand new iPhone THIRTEEN, you will have to buy a new case.

iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 13 mini: 

iPhone 13 mini and iPhone 12 mini

What we said above additionally applies to iPhone 12 mini and iPhone THIRTEEN mini: on the rear digicam as a result of the adjustments made, the iPhone 12 mini circumstances don’t have compatibility the iPhone THIRTEEN mini.

The iPhone 12 mini is 5.18 inches long, 2.53 inches extensive and 0.29 inches thick, at the same time as at the iPhone THIRTEEN these numbers are < It ranges from strong>5.18 inches lengthy to 2.53 inches huge and 0.30 inches thick.

iPhone 12 Professional Max and iPhone 13 Professional Max:

iPhone 13 pro max

And At Last, the same for iPhone THIRTEEN Pro Max and iPhone 12 Pro Max situation is in query. because of the change in camera layout, the iPhone 12 Pro Max circumstances are smaller than the iPhone THIRTEEN Pro Max.

iPhone 12 Professional Max has 6.33 inches long, 3.07 inches wide and 0.29 inches thick , on the new iPhone THIRTEEN Pro Max those dimensions are 3.07 inches, 6.33 inches and 0.30 inches, respectively.


iPhone 13

Making An Allowance For all of these, unfortunately the case of your iPhone 12 telephone will not fit your new iPhone 13. on the very least, we think that someone who can have enough money to buy a brand new iPhone 13 might even be quite able to afford the case.

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