It Turned Out That Google Shared A Few Person Knowledge With The Hong Kong Government In Spite Of The Security Law

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Google has shared a few user information with the Hong Kong govt, even though it has mentioned that it is going to no longer process such information requests from the government. Google answered that the executive’s information requests have been responded to as “a reputable danger to existence”, but all requests had been made diplomatically.

in keeping with the news revealed via the Hong Kong Free Press (HKFP), Google transferred a few person data to the Hong Kong govt in 2020, regardless of promising not to supply feedback to data requests from authorities. the corporate stated it was once “generating a few data” in response to THREE of FORTY THREE requests it received from the Hong Kong govt. Two of the government’s demands have been an investigation into human trafficking and the other an emergency disclosure that used to be a part of a threat to a persons’ life, Google pronounced to HKFP. Google brought that none of the information supplied comprises users’ content data, and that the govt’s reaction to person information requests is processed in line with the company’s world coverage.

Loads of data were shared ahead of:


according to the scoop offered via HKFP in May, corporations in the 12 months ahead of the security law, It had met masses of data requests from the Hong Kong government. Other US tech corporations, comparable to Apple, Fb, and Microsoft, mentioned they’d stopped processing requests for consumer knowledge from the Hong Kong govt after reviewing the brand new law.

Google between July and December 2020. By offering user knowledge to the Hong Kong executive in response to 3 requests, it became the first corporate to reply to consumer information requests from local authorities after the nationwide security legislation got here into force.

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