It was claimed that an historic temple used to be found in the excavations in Assos, Çanakkale, and its destiny is currently unknown.

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The declare was once made that there was a temple within the rock improvement have a look at area across the Assos Historic City. At The Same Time As the Assos Friends Crew mentioned that the destiny of the temple is unknown, Çanakkale Provincial Common Assembly CHP Crew Deputy Chairman Güneş Pehlivan mentioned that insurance firms chorus from insuring the businesses in Assos Vintage Port. Governor İlhami Aktaş made examinations in the area and mentioned, “Our sensitivity is at the very best aspect.” He said.

The mushy for the rehabilitation of the rocks at the upper side of Assos Historical Harbor was hung on March 26, and the tourism institutions within the region have been closed until the end of the works at the end of April. the images that emerged in the course of the works initiated to “prevent the falling of rocks” stated the allegations of “massacre” around the Ancient City of Assos.

there have been experiences that there has been a temple:


Newspaper Featured at the Wall Consistent With Sağlam’s information, Assos Pals Group, which announced that there has been a super destruction and demolition affect within the area, pointed out another claim. The Buddies of Assos Team additionally announced that they had heard of a temple in the course of the excavations within the area.

The group’s observation is as follows: “According To the ideas discovered verbally, through the excavations in query, a temple was once found in the area and it’s understood that the >excavation path was modified for this reason why however the fate of the temple is unknown.”

‘No excavation may also be carried out apart from scientific excavations’

Assos construction machinery

Assos Ancient Town is a first-level archaeological site. “First degree archeological websites are websites with the intention to be protected as aside from medical conservation studies. Absolutely no building is permitted in these areas, they’re made up our minds as the web site to be preserved precisely in the zoning plans, no excavations other than medical excavations will also be performed. “

“Then Again, pictures, videos and news and photographs in the press show that excavations were carried out, soil used to be taken and transported with development equipment in Assos, which is a secure space, and that these works have been carried out without any supervision.” statements had been included.

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