Jap Vacationer Traveling The Arena Together With His Bicycle for 12 Years Was Once Stabbed in Elazig

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Shogan Kameda, a 45-year-vintage Eastern citizen who jumped on his motorbike approximately 12 years in the past, has been on an international tour ever due to the fact that. Coming to Turkey after traveling many nations, Kameda first went to Muş and then to Elazig. in line with the statement of Kameda, who camped within the Sivrice district of Elazig, the traveller was once attacked out of nowhere by an unidentified individual while brushing his teeth.

As folks nearby rushed to assist, 112 emergency well being and protection improve was right away sent to the scene. After the primary clinical intervention by way of the officials, Kameda was referred to Elazig Fethi Sekin City Sanatorium.

Stabbed while brushing her teeth:

Shogan Kameda

Kameda, who is still being treated in the health facility to which she used to be transferred, mentioned in an announcement that she was once attacked at the same time as brushing her teeth on the campsite. Pronouncing that he went on an international excursion from Japan, Kaneda defined the development as follows:

“to start with, i used to be strolling. I traveled to places such as Malaysia and China walking. A female friend of mine in China gave me a bicycle. Then I Started to travel around China through bicycle. i used to be simply brushing teeth. i do not recognise why he got mad at me and stabbed me. i’ve been in Turkey with my motorcycle for 10 months. The closing time I got here to Elazig. Elazig i was stabbed near the Caspian Lake. We did not combat, he unexpectedly stabbed me. i assume the Turks had been indignant with me whilst i used to be brushing my tooth or washing my clothes outdoor; Turkish and Japanese culture could be very, very other. i was brushing my teeth, i don’t know why I were given stabbed. i don’t understand what to do from here. My trip to Turkey is over. My leg hurts so much. i have been traveling around the global for 12 years with out money. I frequently stayed in a tent, now and again at my friend’s house; however I most commonly lived in tents.”

Police started work to trap the unidentified suspect.

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