Landlord with 63 Residences: 6 Thousand Lira Is Going to Trash on account of Students

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Business mobility in cities won different dimensions as a result of the resumption of face-to-face education in universities and the start of appointments and assignments. one in every of those actions is without a doubt the actual property sector. The housing drawback, which particularly impacts college students because of exorbitant costs, has no longer yet been resolved. so much in order that the collection of people who gave up on going to the university they gained due to the housing drawback is rather top.

Many comments have been made approximately condominium house costs up to now. Some victim students and their households called the exorbitant worth build up as opportunistic. Some landlords and real property retailers, on the other hand, stated that they were the sufferers and stated that they did not intrude in the value build up. the remaining, as at all times, had been children and scholars.

“Scholars break the house”

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the problem of rented area has been mentioned for college students before, however Abdullah Boztepe, who has SIXTY THREE residences in Eskişehir , discussed the problem from the purpose of view of homeowners. Boztepe stated that students damaged the home and therefore she didn’t wish to provide properties to the scholars, and said that their houses have been damaged by means of irresponsible people.

the scholars have been irresponsible and acquired the supplied apartments in an overly wiped out situation at the finish of the yr. Expressing that if the scholars recognize their tasks, Boztepe may fortunately give a house, pronouncing, “If the students come right here to review properly, i can fortuitously supply my house. My son is also studying, i have been on the lookout for a house too, i know those troubles. I provide the house to 2 other people, as an example, but repeatedly within the space. that is why i think a lot when giving my house, however I Am extra prepared to give to these who include circle of relatives. NINETY FIVE p.c of the scholars write at the partitions of the home, they put pictures at the wall, one person assists in keeping the home THREE-4 other people keep right here The stipulations are very dangerous. No Longer all of them are like this, however such a lot of them are like this, the scholar home is ruining the home.

“The 4-yr school is EIGHT years old nor do they end”

take accountability, thank goodness there are properties. 35-FORTY % of scholars feed cats and canine, i don’t need that.”

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