Ministry of Commerce Starts Inspection in Markets In Opposition To Exorbitant Prices

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Meals prices, particularly, are at the upward thrust in an uncontrollable method. in the face of this example, which has caused citizens to insurrection, the Ministry of Trade turns out to were unable to stay indifferent to the expanding proceedings just lately. The inspections, which Minister of Trade Mehmet Muş gave the sign within the commentary made within the prior weeks, have officially began today.

The Ministry of Commerce officers, these days on both the Anatolian and European aspects of Istanbul. they have been at the field. The authorities, which carried out simultaneous operations to the branches of some chain stores, looked at the prices in the chain stores. In operations concerning the Ministry of Commerce to boot as the General Directorate of Tradesmen and Craftsmen, the general Directorate of Domestic Trade and the Istanbul Provincial Directorate of Trade, problems corresponding to whether or not the prices on the product labels are correct at the checkout and whether there is an unjustified price build up> are discussed.

The highlights of the statements made in the course of the audit are as follows

Ministry of Commerce audit

Ministry of Trade, Shopper Protection and Market Surveillance Deputy General Supervisor Oğuz Şahin made the next statements: >

“Our pals will keep the necessary minutes.

WE WILL BE ABLE TO evaluate this knowledge later and send what we predict is an unfair worth building up to the Unfair Value Analysis Board at our Ministry.

If it’s found to be unfair, 109 thousand from 10 thousand 910 TL. WE WILL impose an administrative fantastic of up to TL. WE CAN observe it to whoever made the unfair value build up. on the different hand, if there may be any difference among the label and the box worth, we can impose a penalty of 452 TL consistent with label. We’ll see if the discount gross sales reflect fact. In bargain sales, the fee crossed out must be the previous price. WE WILL request with the receipts whether a sale is made at this worth. in the event that they can’t supply us with a receipt at any point of proof, we will also practice the penalty for this because the Ministry. we advise our customers to read the labels carefully.

Experiences stored might be reviewed in Ankara

Ministry of Commerce

Ministry of Industry Deputy General Director of Household Trade Hüseyin Altındal also made a few statements at the subject.

In this fashion, we now have an figuring out of keep watch over. not just right here, but in addition in our EIGHTY ONE provinces, particularly in large cities corresponding to Istanbul, Izmir and Ankara, our inspections have started for those worth will increase, especially for worth will increase, but additionally for label costs, in chain markets and stores, upon the guide of our Honorable Minister. and it keeps.

i am additionally a member of this board. WE CAN overview and talk about in that board. we’ve got the authority to impose an administrative sanction decision, an administrative advantageous. in fact, that is something that allows you to turn out to be a result of reviews. you already know, final week, we began the inspections in Ankara. As Of Late, we now have started those inspections through our Provincial Directorates of Commerce in all 81 provinces, basically in Istanbul and Izmir. Especially in phrases of herbal common meals, it will be possible to carry out inspections at the basis of products aimed on the most value increase.”


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