Misplaced Foundation Constitution from the Ottoman Duration Revealed at an Public Sale in England

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The lost ‘vakfiye’, which incorporates the entire correspondence of the Zağanoş Pasha Basis, also known as the ‘foundation certificate’, will probably be present in London, the capital city of britain, on October 21. It shall be publish for sale at an auction. It has been stated that the Registration Division of The General Directorate of Foundations and the Smuggling Department of The General Directorate of Cultural Background Museums, which straight away got to work for the return of the root, carried out to Interpol for the return of the artifact.

The misplaced Zaganos Pasha Basis foundation charter dated 866 Hijri, similar to the yr 1462, bearing the signature of the Ottoman Sultan Conqueror Sultan Mehmet; It was once mentioned that the Zağanos Pasha Foundation contains the aim and conditions of its status quo and started with the ‘Besmele’. The names of the founders of the foundation also are written on the foundation, that is written in black ink and in Arabic handwriting.

There are 22 or 23 works misplaced within the ultimate years of the Ottoman Empire and the first years of the Republic

Zağanos Pasha Foundation foundation

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