NASA Releases Interactive Comic E Book “First Lady”

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After the good fortune of comedian guide diversifications at the large screen and silver monitor, comics began to become standard once more. The passion within the nationwide comics day held in the AMERICA obviously increased. one in all the establishments that evaluated this pastime used to be NASA.

Publishing a virtual, interactive comic ebook for the first time in its historical past, NASA is the first to paintings at the lunar floor in this comedian. the woman instructed the story of Callie Rodriguez. NASA states that even supposing Rodriguez is a fictional character, the story reflects his own perspectives.

First lady on the moon

The first lady and first minority member to land on the moonas a powerful> particular person, Callie joins NASA’s Artemis mission, which is a real mission. throughout the comic, NASA strives to re-ignite the passions of a brand new era of house explorers. The name given to this technology by way of the establishment is Artemis Technology.

First Lady is available at the hyperlink here. Optionally, it’s additionally possible to download the comic or learn it from the positioning. in addition, NASA has uploaded the comic to SoundCloud , so other folks can choose to take heed to this book.

NASA govt Pam Melroy mentioned in an announcement about the comic that Callie’s story tells in regards to the establishment’s personal interest, determination and determination, in order that they could make their desires come real.

within the FORTY-page comic NASA additionally finds the chance to explain the applied sciences it has developed for house travel, landing, take-off and Moon exploration. thanks to augmented reality, readers can have interaction with the weather in the comics. folks that obtain the comic on Android or iOS too can view 3D versions of varied cars and gear. Further content includes videos, video games, challenges, and a wide range of activities that allow you to take part just about in NASA missions.

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