Netflix Sues Russian Chess Grandmaster on Fees of ‘Sexism’ and ‘False Information’

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CONSIDERED ONE OF the content material that marked the year 2020 of Netflix, the arena’s most well liked online series and picture platform, was The Queen’s Gambit. This collection tells the story of our lead character named Beth Harmon, focusing on how somewhat woman who used to be positioned in a home upon the death of her mom outstripped even the most efficient chess participant within the world. Now, there has been a remarkable development referring to this collection.

CERTAINLY ONE OF the chess masters mentioned within the Queen’s Gambit was Nona Gaprindashvili. Gaprindashvili, whose title we heard in the ultimate episode of the collection, was one in all the best feminine chess players in the global. “the one odd factor about her is actually her gender, or even that may be now not uncommon in Russia. there’s Nona Gaprindashvili but she is a feminine international champion and she or he has never met a person,” the show stated. Gaprindashvili, who could not be fed his statements to himself, determined to sue Netflix. the world-well-known chess player calls for $5 million from Netflix for statements about her.

“Misrepresentation of good fortune”

the queen's gambit

Georgian chess ready a 25-web page petition for his lawsuit against Netflix In his petition, Gaprindashvili wrote, “Gaprindashvili is the pioneer of women’s chess and a much-liked icon in her place of birth of Georgia. During her remarkable profession, she won many championships, beat some of the most productive male chess players within the global, and achieved global chess grandmaster status among men.” She used to be the primary girl in history to do it.” she cited the reasons in the collection. Moreover, emphasizing that there are errors in the statements used about him, the chess participant said, “The declare that Gaprindashvili ‘never met males’ is obviously false, and intensely sexist and insulting. It is going again to 1968, the 12 months this episode used to be shot. had competed against FIFTY NINE male chess gamers (28 of them in one sport) including a minimum of ten Grandmasters of the time, together with Dragolyub Velimirovich, Svetozar Gligoric, Paul Keres, Bojan Kurajica, Boris Spassky, Viswanathan Anand and Mikhail Tal. The final three had been world champions all the way through their careers.”

Netflix also made a few statements on the topic. Whilst the accusations were rejected within the statements made by the corporate, the following statements have been incorporated; “Netflix handiest has the utmost appreciate for Gaprindashvili and his illustrious occupation, but we believe this claim is nugatory and we will be able to vigorously shield it.”

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