New Determination for Istanbul’s By No Means-finishing Taxi Downside: Taxi Control Heart to be Based

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it is a well-known fact that the largest downside of Istanbul, Turkey’s biggest metropolitan city, is taxi. Even As the addressees of the topic couldn’t determine who used to be at fault, a brand new decision used to be made by means of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Council. In Line With this resolution, a center will be established in Istanbul for the inspection of taxis.

the new heart, known as the public Shipping Regulate Center, will make the application called i-taxi , evolved via İSPARK some time ago, practical and permit the inspection of taxis. The inspection heart established at the Martyrs Bus Station on July 15 will make sure that all taxis in Istanbul are meticulously tested. Therefore, it will be ensured that the problems between the taxi driver and the passengers are avoided.

24/7 uninterrupted inspection

Istanbul taxi problem

In Keeping With the ideas received, the inspection to be held at the middle on the Martyrs Bus Station on July 15 will proceed for twenty-four hours with out interruption. in the inspections to be carried out with the cameras to be placed within and outdoors the taxis, imaginable lawsuits of the citizens can be adopted in an instant. in addition, scenarios akin to the speed of the taxis, their where, and whether they are wearing passengers will likely be tracked via i-taxi.

Causes on the topic, IBB Transportation Division Head Utku Cihan > made by. Universe; “With this council decision, the firms and firms that wish to enforce and manage the taxi control are allowed, as long as they’re integrated into the taxi management gadget of the IMM. In different phrases, other firms can be able to use other packages, so long as they get a license from the municipality. all taxis built-in into IMM’s system will also be tracked.” said.

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