Observation of Face-to-face Education from President Erdogan: Distance Training Did Not Take Its Position

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September 27 was once a very important day for Turkey. Because President Erdoğan held a cabinet meeting by means of collecting his staff. Necessary decisions regarding the coronavirus epidemic have been expected to be taken at this meeting, nevertheless it was once not quite like this. no less than nothing happened out of doors of what we know. one in all the problems that the citizens were such a lot interested by was once a possible new decision to be taken referring to education.

Face-to-face education has made the pandemic process much more difficult. As such, it used to be an issue of curiosity what President Erdogan may say about the issue. after we take a look at the statements made by way of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, we will be able to simply say that face-to-face coaching will proceed.

The highlights of the observation are as follows

face-to-face training

President Erdoğan used the following expressions regarding face-to-face training:

“Especially through the epidemic period, the training and coaching activities carried out by means of taking good thing about the opportunities of era, are the

now we have seen strong>that it would now not take its position . For this reason why, we have now recommend a made up our minds stance to proceed the activities of educational establishments in any respect levels face to stand this year. With 1,000,000 172 thousand lecturers in 71 thousand 320 public and private faculties across the usa. Education and training activities proceed with greater than 17 million 436 thousand students. After a 1.5-yr hiatus, of course, there have been minor setbacks, however those were temporarily resolved by way of our relevant establishments.

the facility to behavior face-to-face training in a healthy manner in our schools For this function, we introduced an allowance of 722 million for this era. in order to avoid any disruptions in cleaning, we increased the current SEVENTY ONE thousand cleaning body of workers to 113 thousand with 42 thousand additions. the truth that just about all of our scholars attend classes presentations that our children leave out college. While the vaccination fee of our teachers is expanding, we invite our folks and scholars who are in line to be vaccinated for the continuation of face-to-face education with out interruption.

From these days on, many of our college have began their education activities in accordance with the academic calendar they announced upfront. Expectantly, subsequent week, we will be able to hold a joint academic year commencing rite at our Kulliye that includes all of our universities.”

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