Peculiar Response from Prosecutor’s Place Of Job to Abuse Phenomenon on Social Media: She May Cover Her Account

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The lawsuit filed by means of social media phenomenon Eda Yön, known for the dance movies she shared on TikTok, over a harassment she experienced months ago, emerged with the response to the outcome of the lawsuit. Whilst the lawsuit he filed towards the person who burdened him on social media used to be concluded in prefer of the harasser, Yön and his lawyer made up our minds to take the case further.

The court invalidated the lawsuit filed in regards to the messages containing the picture of the sexual organ of the harasser on the grounds that “Eda Yön’s account is not exclusive”. Eda Yön and her lawyer, who reacted to the situation on social media, He mentioned that the decision shall be taken to the Constitutional Court.

“Having my account open does not supply someone the fitting to abuse”


TikTok phenomenon Eda Yon dwelling in Izmir was confused with a message she won on Instagram. A lawsuit used to be rightfully filed towards the harasser, who sent the message, in addition because the photo of his genitals, to Yön. The lawsuit, filed on the incident that happened on June 10, received a response on June 28. The Decision of the Prosecutor’s Place Of Business used to be that Yön’s account will not be confidential and open to such messages. The phenomenon objecting to the situation, listening to the similar explanation why from the Izmir Felony Court of Peace, decided to take the verdict to the Constitutional Court Docket with her lawyer.

Eda Yön used the next statements in her statements against the decision like “don’t go out if there’s a harasser at the street”: “This concept is an unfounded trend that upsets me a lot. In circumstances of femicide, harassment and rape, it is no different from the thoughts that prohibit our freedom, reminiscent of “what is the woman doing there at that hour?”, “Why is she wearing a skirt?” i am a TikTok phenomenon and in addition a social media influencer. after all, underneath these stipulations, my social media money owed shall be open to everybody. On The Other Hand, this situation doesn’t supply them the suitable to insult me ​​or people recognized on social media or to send messages containing sexual harassment. Lawyer Alperen Çetinkaya, at the different hand, expressed his disappointment with the next words: “My shopper is a social media phenomenon. For this reason why alone, it is not imaginable for him to hide his account or message requests. Additionally, it is being worried and regrettable that the prosecutor’s place of work and the Felony Judgeship of Peace closed the investigation by means of sharing the similar opinion with the recommendation of limiting personal freedom so that any individual will not harass him

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