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After a three-week break, the meeting of the Presidential Cabinet, chaired by means of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, got here to an finish. The selection of instances, which has just lately reached the prohibit of 30 thousand, led to eyes to stare at the assembly. many people questioned whether or not the measures against the coronavirus can be introduced back.

President Erdogan, who took the rostrum after the cabinet meeting, conveyed the themes discussed in the cabinet. To the query “Will there be a new degree??” ahead of, “we’d like to transport the topic to a special position.” Erdogan’s statements had been as follows:

President Erdogan: “Next month, we made up our minds to ratify the Paris Local Weather Settlement”

President Erdogan, in the press commentary he gave after the cupboard assembly, gave the world a chance. He also touched upon the problem of climate change, which is intently similar. Explaining that Turkey’s plans to come into effect on this issue are within the strategy of adoption, Erdoğan introduced that the related institutions have began to get ready motion plans to succeed in the objective of zero emissions via 2053. consistent with the statements, these plans will play the most important function within the combat towards the climate crisis, together with movements similar to afforestation.

Details are coming…

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