President Erdogan’s Sharing with “Pit Pit Şeker” became the time table on Twitter: Listed Below Are the Reactions

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President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan got here to the fore with the photos he shared on his reliable Twitter account these days. The celebrity of the footage in query was once Pıt Pit Şeker’, who got here to Erdoğan at the same time as she was reading the newspaper.

The submit gained so much of response in a short time and a brand new tag used to be began with the name of the cat within the picture. At The Same Time As a few of the reactions showed love for the cat, others touched on the country’s schedule with a humorous taste based on the photographs.

the original post featuring Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Pıt Pıt Şeker:

In The footage, President Erdoğan is featured with a cat sitting on his lap and analyzing the newspaper even as studying the newspaper. consistent with the President’s own commentary, this cat, which we will be able to see as a kitten, belonged to his granddaughter Aybike. In The tweet he shared the photos, Erdoğan included the next statements: “My pricey granddaughter Aybike’s cat Pit Pit Şeker… He Is very taken with present tendencies.

Then, the photos with the cat, briefly attracted the attention of social media customers. now we have compiled probably the most enjoyable tweets for you.

Reactions to Pıt Pit Şeker from social media:

Pıt Pit Şeker

pit pit sugar

pit candy

pitted sugar

patty candy

candy candy

pit lollipop

pit pit sugar

pit sweet sugar

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