prof. Celal Şengör Speaks for the primary Time About ‘Sexual Harassment’ Accusations

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For the previous few days, Turkey has been discussing a press release made by means of one among Turkey’s most valuable scientists, Celal Şengör, and what took place after that commentary. Speaking in a are living broadcast he attended, Prof. Şengör stated, “She got so indignant that I lifted Saniye’s skirt. I slapped her ass. She used to be horrified. I checked out her like that. I said take a look at me, did your father do this? He stated to me that even my father didn’t do that. I mentioned heh, it is incomplete, now it is done.” He had reacted the use of his statements. Istanbul Technical University, which took action upon the incident being at the schedule, announced that an investigation has been introduced in opposition to Şengör.

Now, there has been a new building in regards to the incident. We realized that Şengör, who got here to the time table in a unique live broadcast this time, made his first remark on the subject. we hope that he will only come to the agenda along with his technology, Prof. Şengör mentioned that what came about was once exaggerated.

“i do not see any abnormality on this”

Celal Şengör

Celal Şengör’s statements at the matter have been made by means of Hakan Ural, one among the presenters of the television software “What Is Taking Place in Existence”. In The Event You desire, with out further ado, let’s take a more in-depth have a look at Şengör’s words on the topic, as quoted via Ural;

“Hodja Celal says: ‘I never assume that is sexual harassment. i find lots of the reactions exaggerated…”

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