Raises Awareness: You May Also Never Need To Eat Meat Again After Seeing These Stunning Drawings +18

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every year 56 billion livestock are killed by humans for meals purposes. A Few inedible animals are killed for fun, tortured for experimentation, used as leather-based for the clothing trade.

A small minority of people Although >vegans and vegetarians are sensitive about this factor, there are nonetheless countless creatures which can be persecuted by billions of people. That’s why illustrator Barbara Daniels reflects on her drawings through converting the roles between humans and animals so as to lift consciousness.

Be Aware: Our content material is written through a moral vegetarian writer.

Middle of slaughter known as slaughterhouse.


Could you prefer to switch animals?

human meat

This evil is solely human.

seal slaughter

Seeing blood and brutality as leisure…


What used to be done within the holocaust is done to animals every day.

animal experiments

No end of plastic waste .

plastic pollution

Lack Of empathy is one in all the most important issues of people one.


persons are having a laugh, now not animals!


it’s considered trendy to wear the surface of a dwelling creature that has died in ache!


Male chicks are thrown into the meat grinder alive for no longer laying eggs.

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