Real Estate Dealers and Landlords are in awe: here are the Dungeon-like Apartments They Wanted for an Exorbitant Rent!

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THE APPROPRIATE to protected and livable housing within the united states of america is getting harder day via day. For a family dwelling on minimal salary, it’s almost inconceivable to are living in a comparatively excellent group anymore. Center-source of revenue other folks, akin to white-collar staff and public servants, invest virtually half of their salaries on hire as a results of higher rents. once we have a look at web sites like these, it is seen that the typical hire of flats which might be earthquake resistant, livable and located in central places in phrases of proximity to the cultural activity spaces of town starts from at least 3000 liras on reasonable. Alternatively, the minimum salary in the united states of america is 2825 liras. in line with the knowledge of the Ministry of work and Social Security, FORTY ONE % of registered workers in Turkey are attempting to continue to exist the minimal salary.

As a result of the excessively larger condominium costs in the closing year, even for this 1+1 flat, 10.000 TL

ten thousand TL flats

Moreover, as claimed, it isn’t luxurious both, it’s a normal apartment.

it’s the size of a tomb in Istanbul, it has no windows, no ventilation, the place a bed and a closet can barely are compatible. the hire of the rooms increased up to 900 TL.

grave house

A dungeon where even a cockroach would not want to reside.

apartment student

it is a funny story but actual: There are even folks who want to turn the balcony right into a room and rent 2500 TL.

balcony for rent

THE COST of a blank animal feeding space is 1500 TL from the owner!

animal feeding area is for rent

1500 TL hire is requested for this unusual factor in Beşiktaş.

<weird circle

Something rented in the middle there is, however what exactly it is is a mystery.

Respectable bathroom of a 3500 TL house in Istanbul.

decent bathroom

1500 TL is asked for this house in Üsküdar.

base dar ev

Realtors are making amusing of now.

real estate agents

In social media, against apartment prices reactions are expanding day by way of day.


rent response

>real estate agent response

realtor hate

rent tweet

high rents

like paying rent

student rent< /p>

rent reactions tweet

poor leases

cost of living

economic crisis

expensive flats

grave-like circle

according to a have a look at, the yearly rent building up rate reached 50.7 percent in Istanbul, 31.8 % in Ankara and 30.9 p.c in Izmir.

rent increase record

With the announcement that universities will switch to stand-to-face training, students additionally While searching for a home, the already exorbitantly rising hire prices are hiking even upper.

The exorbitant build up in rents in massive towns is using people to different searches.

Singles, who’ve issue in paying the expanding rents in metropolitan towns on their own, to find the answer by way of on the lookout for a roommate like students.

Unmarried other folks running in a job used to live on my own and try to ascertain their very own order, but the up to date increase in rents has began to lead people with inadequate income amongst those segments to seem for roommates.

A signature campaign was once additionally launched on on social media with the name of “Underline Rents”.

limit to rents

In The campaign, which reached 50,000 signatures in a brief time, we talked about rent control in Turkey, implemented in various nations of the world. it’s demanded that legal preparations be made temporarily.

What are the explanations for the rise in rents so much?

rent increases by years

The findings and proposals of Ali Kurt, general supervisor of an individual building company:

It has change into tricky to buy a home due to the increase in development prices above inflation and high rates of interest. and apartment call for higher.population introduced! the provision-demand steadiness within the housing sector was once shaken. With the increase of earthquake awareness in Istanbul residents, the desire to transport to robust properties increased, which disrupted the supply-demand steadiness in certain regions. since the public lands as a way to pave the way in which for the development of social housing in the current plans have reached the level of exhaustion, the lack to supply sufficient social housing has weakened the hand of public institutions in regulating the marketplace!

So what may also be done in the face of this case?

First of all, immigrant/refugee/asylum, and so on. Inhabitants must be brought beneath regulate. Now, not just Istanbul and the Marmara area, but also Anatolian cities must be changed into attraction areas with new investments, and people have to be inspired to opposite migration! risky structure in Istanbul Selection monetary incentives must be developed for replenishing the stock of . Therefore, the construction industry will continue to exist, and extra importantly, Istanbul can be ready for a potential earthquake. Increasing the availability isn’t the answer to decrease the prices of rental or sale homes. I say this as the manager of an organization whose main field of task is housing production! Our town doesn’t have the strength to withstand an uncontrolled construction.Increasing the housing supply is to deepen the obstacle. Because we’re faced with a more effective sociological trouble than the industrial difficulty…

it seems that rent costs won’t lower unless an effective intervention is made.
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